The PAL-V Liberty

Take your aircraft anywhere

Whether you’re just getting your pilot’s license, a seasoned pilot, or even a rusty pilot just needing a refresher course, you’re already close to the qualifications needed to fly a PAL-V Liberty. In addition to a private pilot’s license, you’ll only need an additional 10-15 hours for a practical type-rating exam. We’ve partnered with National Flight Simulator in Manchester, NH to help you complete your training.

Here are some of the benefits of the PAL-V Liberty for pilots and aircraft owners seeking to add to their collection.

Arrive in Style

Whether you’re commuting to work, traveling to an important client meeting, or going on vacation, you’ll be able to utilize any public use or private airfield (with permission) to plan your trip. You’ll spend most of your time in the air, then arrive in style at the airport nearest your destination. On your return trip, you’ll land at the closest airfield to your home, complete the commute on the road, then pull into your driveway and park safely in your own garage.

Head to the City

Commuting to the city for work or play will be so convenient. Skip the traffic on the major arteries and land at a location convenient to your final destination. Cruise through town and park in a garage or request valet just as you would any other automobile. What a way to impress your significant other!

Beat the weather

You’ll no longer be stranded at the airstrip due to bad weather. With the PAL-V Liberty you can outsmart the weather by driving to where visibility is improved and take off again. The PAL-V Liberty is the only flying machine that seamlessly allows you to continue your journey. You’ll be on time for your meeting or safely home without delay.

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Comfortable and Easy to Fly

They gyroplane design is 80% less affected by turbulence and self-stabilizing in gusts. You’ll be more eager to fly than ever. When other planes are grounded, you’ll still be in the air!

Advanced Instrumentation for Both Flying and Driving

Advanced Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) to make navigation easy on the road and in the air. EFIS is standard on the Pioneer Edition and optional on the Sport Edition.

Leather Interior

The interior appointments consist of fine leather and high-end Italian craftsmanship.

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