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Technical specifications:  
Capacity 2 passengers (plus baggage)
Mass empty 1,464 lbs
Maximum baggage load 44 lbs
Maximum take-off weight (MTOW) 2,006 lbs
Fuel type auto gas or mogas
Fuel capacity 26.4 gals
Dimensions in drive-mode 13.1 ft L x 6.6 ft W x 5.6 ft H
Dimensions in flight-mode 20 ft L x 6.6 ft W x 10.5 ft H
(Rotor diameter is 35.3 ft)  
Drive Mode  
Max speed 100 mph
Top speed acceleration (0-60 mph) <9 seconds
Engine power 100 hp
Fuel economy 31 mpg
Range 815 miles
Flight Mode  
Economic cruise speed 87 mph
High cruise speed (90% range) 100 mph
Maximum speed 112 mph
Min speed for level flight 30 mph
Engine power 200 hp
Maximum operating altitude 11,500 ft
Useful load 542 lbs
Landing roll distance 100 ft
Fuel economy 7 gal/hr
Take-off roll, MTOW**, MSL*** 590 ft
Take-off distance (+50 ft obstacle clearance, MTOW, MSL) 1,100 ft
Max range (with ½ hour reserve fuel*, MTOW) 250 miles
Max range (with ½ hour reserve fuel, single person operation, MSL)   310 miles
Max endurance (with ½ hour reserve fuel, MTOW) 4.3 hours


* ½ hour reserve fuel is 60-90 miles of fuel left for driving
** Maximum Take-Off Weight
*** Mean Sea Level

(See vehicle owner’s manual for exact specifications.)